The Fox’s Trousers is one weirdo who makes stuff and collects interesting things, supported by weird family and weird friends.

Being interested in things others don’t think is ‘normal’ can be isolating. Fortunately the wonder of the internet brings people together so well that all the weirdos can find each other and form a culture all of our own.

The Fox’s Trousers aims to cater to the people who don’t fit. The ones who live perpendicular to everyone else, who care about the world but don’t want it to get too close. We’re here for the introverts, the cos-players, the enthusiastic hyper fixators and the scatter brains, the nerds, the geeks and the peculiar. The interesting people.

The Fox’s Trousers is based around a family made up of 75% LGBTQ+ people and 100% neurodiverse. The small South Waikato town of Putaruru (where we’re based) thinks of us as ‘Those Lesbians That Collect Dead Stuff’, and local police come and check in with us first when someone finds a deer tongue on their driveway.

We have 5 cats and every year we foster several litters of kittens. They drive us crazy but they’re super cute.