Bulldog Calf Syndrome Skull


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Replica of a skull of a Dexter calf with “Bulldog Syndrome” (achondrodysplasia). Bulldog Syndrome is a condition where in the long bones of the calf do not correctly lengthen, in addition to a number of other issues.

This particular specimen showed a cleft palate, a massive hole in the heart and an umbilical hernia in addition to the obvious failure to of the limbs to lengthen. The entire skeleton was processed and re-assembled by The Fox’s Trousers, and the skull was 3D scanned and digitally processed to ensure accuracy.

The 3D replica is made of PLA plastic and printed using a FDM printer, so print lines are still visible. Colour can be customised, but the default will be the tan/bone colour in the picture. Skulls will be made to order, please allow short delay.

The pictures show the replica on the right, the original on the left.

I believe this is the most accurate replica of such a skull currently available on the internet.