Bulldog Calf Skeleton (Real)


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Reluctantly up for sale. This is “Edith”, she was a prematurely stillborn Dexter calf with chondrodysplasia, or “Bulldog Calf Syndrome”.

In addition to her obvious skeletal issues she also had an umbilical hernia and a severely enlarged heart with massive holes in it, and a cleft palate. Her heart was removed and preserved in formalin, this is also included in the sale and is visible in a jar in some of the pictures.

Transport for this specimen will have to be organised after sale. Nationwide Courier and International Courier are both possible for this specimen, however personal pick up is preferred. Every care will be taken to secure the specimen for transport, but no guarantees can be made that there will be no damage sustained in transit. For this reason refunds are not possible if the specimen arrives with damage.

If postage is required, the formalin preserved heart jar will be drained, the heart secured in a ziplock bag and the purchaser will need to re-fill the jar with isopropyl alcohol. Instructions and support will be provided if necessary.

This is a one of a kind item, certainly not to be found easily. Possibly the only one of its kind available for sale on the internet.