The Flying Dutchman – Ghost Pirate Ship


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This is a building block toy made in China – it’s a lot like Lego but it isn’t Lego.
I know often if you buy stuff that isn’t on brand it’s a bit of a gamble – are you really going to get anything that’s any good? I started by importing just one sample of this sort of toy to see how it went, and if it was okay I bought in more for retail. We now have several for sale here.

This particular model (The Flying Dutchman ghost pirate ship) assembles to a fairly large size so hopefully you’ve got some shelf space. Unless you’re one of those people that puts it together and then takes it right back apart again – you do you, I’m not judging.
There are 3653 parts to it, so it’ll keep you busy for a couple evenings at least. This thing is truly impressive. I haven’t personally put this bad boy together, but I did carry the box into the lounge and take pictures of it. It’s heavy. There are a lot of pieces. The two cardboard boxes you can see in the second picture are the size of those foolscap file boxes you have to assemble yourself except they’re deeper to make room for the giant instruction manual – a tome to rival Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – and all the little bags with bits of ghost pirate ship in them.
The box says it’s for 8+, but looking at the size and complexity of the thing I’d say you should probably aim a little higher than 8. The brand appears to be ‘Mould King’, which I assume is a reference to some kind of very powerful penicillin.
This is a great product with a non famous brand name that is super fun to put together.

Please ask if you have any questions – this is a quality product with a non famous brand name that is fun to put together.