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This a building block set made in China that is a lot like Lego but isn’t Lego.
The Fox’s Trousers imported a bunch of cool and different building block sets from China – I know with this off brand stuff you’re never quite sure if you’re going to get rubbish or not, but we made sure we took them out of the box and built them ourselves before importing more and selling here. We now have several for sale.
This listing is for the dragonfly, a very cool and affordable little build at 330 pieces which will be a nice evening or rainy afternoon. Once built, it stands on a wee pedestal which you can then pop on the shelf. The tail part (I know it’s not called that but I’m not an entomologist so I’ll make do) rotates with little gears that then make the wings go up and down in a flying motion which is super choice.
I think from memory the manufacturer reckons this is a 6+ toy, but for my money I’d say aim higher. My partner had a good time putting it together, and my kids (8 and 10) need the occasional hand with the fiddly bits.
This is a very cool, good quality little build, please don’t hesitate to ask questions.