Blue Butterfly with flapping action


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This is a building block toy made in China – it’s a lot like Lego but it isn’t Lego.
I know often if you buy stuff that isn’t on brand it’s a bit of a gamble – are you really going to get anything that’s any good? The Fox’s Trousers started by importing just one sample of this sort of toy to see how it went, and if it was okay we brought in more for retail. We now have several for sale.
This particular model (the blue butterfly) assembles to a fairly large size so hopefully you’ve got some shelf space. Unless you’re one of those people that puts it together and then takes it right back apart again – you do you, I’m not judging.
There are 564 parts to it, so it’ll keep you busy for an evening at least. Some of those parts are big flat flappy bits for the wings. It has a little crank handle you can turn and the wings flap up and down which is cute, but frustrating if you’ve put the gears on backwards so watch out for that.
The box has a lot of writing on it, the only bit I can reliably read is ‘low altitude flight’ which I suppose is true in that it’s not going to be flying at high altitude. The one we assembled here to verify quality hasn’t once gone over a height of 6 feet, but that probably has more to do with the shelf we put it on.
Please ask if you have any questions – this is a quality product with a non famous brand name that is fun to put together.