Premium Bone Blanks for Carving (90grams)


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Beef bone blanks sourced in New Zealand as a by product of beef farming. These premiums bones have had the ends taken off them and split down the middle. They are on average about 90-120 grams per piece.

This listing is for 90grams of premium bone blank, or the equivalent of one half a bone. What you receive will be enough to weigh at least 90grams. For more bone, select multiple items for purchase. You will receive at least as much bone as you pay for in weight, possibly more but definitely not less. Not all bone pieces will look like the picture.

These bones have been cleaned without boiling, bleach or burial. As a result the bone is of high quality and very strong, with minimal staining (if any). Perfect for creating gorgeous bone carvings, all without the mess and hassle of having to clean them yourself!

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