Craft Bone Blanks (180grams)


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Beef bone blanks sourced in New Zealand as a by product of beef farming. These craft bones have had the ends taken off them, but for the most part have not been split down the middle (as pictured). Each piece is approximately 180-250grams on average.

This listing is for 180grams of craft bone blank, or the equivalent of one unsplit bone. If you receive split bone, there will be enough of it to weigh at least 180grams. For more bone, select multiple items for purchase. You will receive at least as much bone as you pay for in weight, possibly more but definitely not less.

PLEASE NOTE: these bones are suitable for practice, experimentation and other craft purposes – they have been weathered rather than purposely processed, resulting in a bone that may have staining or be slightly brittle.

For premium quality bone blanks please see our listing “Premium Bone Blanks for Carving”.